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We are specialist cycle injury lawyers who will always go that extra mile to recover the compensation you deserve. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with cycle claims and the complex legal issues associated with them.

Unlike motorists, cyclists do not have the protection and representation of their insurance company.  Our specialist team is here to fight your corner and ensure that your case is handled professionally and efficiently from start to finish.

We will assist in recovering compensation not only for the physical and psychological injuries sustained but also for:

Bike repairs or for a replacement bike

We know that your bike is valuable to you. We will seek compensation to fund specialist repairs to your bike. If your bike is beyond economical repair and needs replacing, we will seek the cost of this on your behalf. We take into account the cost of the bicycle and any adaptations that you may have made to it. We can arrange for a specialist engineering firm to inspect and report on the damage to your bike if the other party’s insurers do not have the necessary specialists. We can also ensure that ,if required, your bike can be repaired or replaced by your chosen bike shop.

Replacement clothing damaged in the accident

In addition to your injuries, it is likely that your clothing and accessories may have been damaged in the accident. Specialist cycle clothing, such as high visibility or weather proof clothing, can be expensive and we will seek the cost of replacing this on your behalf.

The cost of replacing damaged equipment such as helmet, lights and monitors

Equipment that has been damaged as a result of your accident will also be considered. We will seek to recover the cost of replacing damaged equipment such as safety helmets, cameras, lights, cycling monitors and bike racks.

Private medical treatment, rehabilitation and counselling

We can arrange for you to undergo private medical treatment to aid your recovery and ensure you are back on your bike as soon as possible. If you have paid for medical treatment as a result of your injuries we will seek reimbursement on your behalf. This could include private consultations, operations, physiotherapy, dental treatment, counselling, speech and language therapy and alternative therapies.

Loss of earnings if your injuries have resulted in an absence from work

If you have been unable to work as a result of your injuries, we can seek to recover your lost earnings. If your capacity to work is affected by your injuries, we will make a future loss of earnings claim on your behalf. In certain circumstances, we are able to seek an interim payment to help you with your outgoings whilst you claim is ongoing.

The cost of prescriptions, medication or medical equipment

Following an accident you may find you are spending money on prescriptions and over the counter medication,such as pain relief, to help with your physical and psychological injuries. We will seek to recover the cost of these items on your behalf.

Aids or adaptations you might need to your home

Depending upon the severity of your injuries, you may require specialist equipment and adaptations to your home as a result of the accident. Whatever your needs, we will seek to recover the cost of this on your behalf. We will appoint the appropriate specialists to assess your needs and implement any changes required.

Travelling expenses connected with your treatment, claim or incurred as a result of being unable to ride your bike

Attending necessary medical appointments and using alternative transport as a result of your accident can leave you out of pocket. We will seek to recover these travelling expenses on your behalf.

Costs to cover any jobs or tasks that you are unable to do around the house while you are recovering

There may be jobs around the home that you are unable to do as a result of your injuries, such as self-care, housework, home improvements and gardening. If you have paid for someone to do this, or a family member has taken the time to help you, we can seek to recover the cost on your behalf.

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“From the outset James (Pritchard) was extremely professional. I would even go so far as to say that he was outstanding in most areas. My claim was handled extremely well from the outset. James was incredibly thorough, and there was not a time when I felt that he didn’t have an excellent working knowledge of the details and status of my claim from beginning to end. He maintained a very well balanced approach to delivering facts and opinions on the legal aspects and likely outcomes at each stage, without being over-confident. I found this very reassuring. Ultimately I was extremely impressed with his legal acumen, and his approach and methodology were exacting. He delivered a result that was, in fact, far over and above what I was initially expecting. Further to this his communication by phone appointment and email/postal letter was excellent.

“I offer my sincerest thanks to James, and would highly recommend him, and indeed Macks, as a firm. I wish James the best of luck in his career. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Courtney Stonehewer

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