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Medical Care & Rehabilitation

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a bike accident, there’s a good chance you will be injured and cycling injuries are very often serious. It’s vital to get the treatment you need straight away, but our experience tells us that without high-quality follow-up care, your recovery could be long and protracted. Early access to medical care and rehabilitation is essential.

It’s widely known that this will significantly increase your chances of making a full recovery if you cycling injuries are very serious. It can also help you return to work and get back on your bike more quickly if you have suffered less serious cycling injuries.

Our extensive experience in the field of bike accidents means we understand just how important early medical care and rehabilitation is. As soon as it’s practical to do so, we will make an assessment of your injuries and the level and type of medical care, rehabilitation and treatment you will require.

We are able to instruct the most specialised consultants with the highest reputations for excellence to undertake an assessment of your needs and organise the most suitable treatment and care plan. We will then try to arrange an interim payment to pay for your medical care and rehabilitation.

If your cycling accident has left you with severe injuries (for example, spinal or brain injuries), your medical and rehabilitation requirements could include employing a nurse or carer, paying for adaptations to make your home more suitable, occupational therapy, transport, medical treatment and assistance in changing your occupation. Less serious cycling injuries may simply require help accessing treatment such as physiotherapy.

As well as physical injuries, many bike accident victims will also suffer from psychological injuries. This might include a fear of returning of getting back on your bike and returning to the road. We can assist you by helping you access psychological treatment, such as hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. We may even help you find a riding partner to help you overcome psychological barriers that may otherwise stop you getting back in the saddle.

No matter how severe your cycling injuries are, we will leave no stone unturned to help you get the medical care and rehabilitation necessary to assist your recovery after a bike accident.

Cycle Compensation

Our specialist lawyers have recovered millions of pounds on behalf of injured claimants and will guide you through your cycle claim.

Cycle Repairs

Recovering the full cost of getting your bike repaired or replaced, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.


To alleviate pain, help you return to work or get back on your bike. We will help you make the best recovery possible.

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